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For many years, my creative outlet was as a DJ. I began to dabble in photography as a way to increase my social media following. Though that’s where it began, photography quickly turned into a passion. I abandoned djing, and fully put my focus on photography.

Back in 2014, I was blessed with a 6 week paternity leave to spend with my newborn daughter. This was after my wife returned to work, so it was just me and my baby girl. While she napped, I immersed myself in my new craft.

Using YouTube, nearly every other online resource possible, and pointers from my photographer friends, I taught myself the fundamentals of photography and set to practicing my skills with my first and favorite model, my daughter.

Fueled by my humble beginnings, I’m now ready to share with you my most sacred art. I use my creativity to capture your most memorable moments and preserve them for years to come. With my creative vision and your trust, we will create something magical together. Welcome to Jenius Photography.

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